Where will the session take place?

I have a home studio in Miami, FL in the Kendall area. If you would prefer, you may also do an on location shoot, but these require an extra fee to cover added expenses, time, and travel.

Who will be there while I take my photos?

Only, me, a female photographer. If you have professional makeup and/or hair added the makeup artist and/or hair stylist may be there as well, they will also be female.

Am I allowed to bring guests to my session?

You may only bring a guest that will be taking photos with you. Friends there to observe are not allowed. This takes up time from your session and will make you very uncomfortable. If you feel you may not feel comfortable having a session with me, you may meet me before your session to be sure. Once a session is booked, please trust that I will make you as comfortable as possible during your session. The only exception is family members to help with children during a family session.

How do I hold a date for a session?

Once you sign a contract with me and your retainer is paid and cleared your date is set! I have limited dates available that is why payment is due in advanced. 2 weeks before your session your final payment is due. For mini or last minute sessions you pay in full, cash only, on the day of your shoot. Shooting will not begin until payment.

What happens if I need to change my date or cancel?

Your retainer will be forfeited as I book dates far in advance and after a date is on hold, I turn other clients away and give up other paid work. Anything I purchase for your session in advance, your retainer covers, but most importantly my lost time. If the final payment was made, that final payment, minus the retainer, will be used as a credit towards any other scheduled future session.

In the event of an outdoor shoot, and weather that does not permit your session, I will reschedule your session without a fee.

How far in advance should I book my session?

I recommended at least a few months, but 3-5 weeks in advanced is normal. The sooner you book, the better the chance I will have a date you prefer available.

May I have all the images from my session?

You may choose from your proof images. Sessions include a certain amount of basic retouch images for hi res digital download. Each additional image may be purchased a la carte.

I’m not available the times you suggested for the session.  Why can’t I shoot when I’m available?

My creamy photography style is dependent on the best lighting when shooting outdoors.  To achieve this look shoots are booked two hours before sunset only.  We may shoot until just before sunset.  Shooting outside of this time may create too dark lighting, harsh shadows, and unflattering images.  If you wish to shoot in unflattering light you must sign off agreeing that you understand photos will not have the same look and feel.

Due to the incredibly harsh lighting around noon, no outdoor shoots will be booked from 11AM to 4/5PM (depending on sunset at that time of year).  This is also done due to the intolerable Miami heat at this time of day.  Exceptions may be made for properly shaded areas with access to indoor air conditioned spaces for water breaks.  Remember professional makeup will still melt off in high heat.

I’m very private, I don’t want anyone to see my images, is that OK?

Of course! Your privacy is of the highest importance. Please let me know this when you book your session.

What if I want to book with you, but I want photos that are a different style than what you show?

I would suggest you choose a photographer who’s work you absolutely love. Every photographer is different with their editing, lighting, and style. It’s art and everyone will paint the same image differently.

What should I know about on locations sessions?

Please know that weather is unpredictable and you may need to reschedule due to weather.  Shooting in dark cloudy skies even without rain will not be done.  Also make note of the temperature.  Miami is very hot and humid.  Makeup and hair must be professionally done with this in mind, but even still your makeup may run and hair my frizz due to the heat and humidity.

Want to shoot on the beach?  I only recommended Key Biscayne beach by the lighthouse.  This isn’t a very busy beach and parking is usually available.  Beach locations are extremely windy.  Please note that hair will not easily be contained and decide on a hairstyle that will look ok to you in heavy winds.  Frizz and fly-aways are not easily removed in photoshop.

I only want digital files and no products, is that possible?

Yes, most sessions included digital files and additional digital files may be ordered a la carte.  You need not order prints or products. You may also print your digital images yourself anywhere you choose. You print images on your own at your own risk. They will likely be altered by the printer’s tastes. This is normal. This may change the look and feel of images completely.

Do you offer professional prints and products?

Yes, I offer professional quality prints sized 8X10 and larger or professional canvas. You may also print your digital images yourself anywhere you choose. You print images on your own at your own risk. They will likely be altered by the printer’s tastes. This is normal. This may change the look and feel of images completely.  Please note you have only up to 3 months after your proof viewing to order digital images, prints, or products.

How long do I have to order digital downloads of images, prints, or products?

After I have your proof images ready, I will set up a time for you to choose the ones you would like.  During this viewing you must make all purchases and orders you plan to make for this session.  Images are DESTROYED 3 months after.  Any images not ordered during your session or very soon after will not be possible.

It’s been 3 months + from my session can I order images or download the images I previous ordered again? 

Images from sessions are DESTROYED 3 Months after your proof viewing date.  It is not possible and very expensive for high resolution file storage.  I do not charge the high rates photographers who offer this long term storage charge.  Please understand that you must be ready to purchase your images during your viewing session.  If you feel you may want to order more images than you can currently afford to pay for, please hold off on booking your session until you are financially ready.

HELP!  I lost my images!  Can you resend them?  

If you are within 3 months from your proof session I should still have your images.  You will need to pay an additional fee to resend your images.  Images are sent via digital download.  I do not offer disks.

Please note that after 3 months from your proof session viewing images are DESTROYED.  You are responsible for proper storage of your images once they are in your possession.  Please set up an online storage system such as the cloud/dropbox, etc. as well as make many extra copies.  Important images should be stored in multiple physical locations as well.  In the event of theft or fire you will still have copies somewhere.

I’m interested in photography, do you offer workshops or one on one mentoring sessions?

Yes! I love to pay it forward and help others in the field. I do not teach basic photography 101, but I teach marketing, posing, staging, and business related to photography. Please message me for more information. I also offer business advice on my blog The Business Darling.